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Accessories & Attachments
Accessories & Attachments A range of high quality accessories and attachements designed for the Prochem portable extraction machine range.
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Heat 'N' Run
Self-contained 2.8 kw in-line heater designed exclusively for the Steempro and Galaxy range of carpet soil extractors. High cap...
Price: 595.00

Hand / upholstery tool for Bravo Plus
Fitted with 2.4 m hose, cuff and solution connector (not shown) to suit Bravo Plus machine...
Price: 155.00

Hand / upholstery tool for Comet & Fivestar
Fitted with 2.4 m hose, cuff and solution connector (not shown) to suit AC341 vacuum & solution extension hose assembly 3 m Comet & Five...
Price: 155.00

Glidemaster hand tool
A heavy duty stainless steel extraction hand tool for cleaning stairs, edges and heavy staining. 10 cm (4") head with 04 spray nozzle....
Price: 105.00

Easy-grip stainless steel upholstery tool
Professional stainless steel upholstery tool with 1.8 m (6 ft) internal solution hose, vacuum hose and external 02 spray tip....
Price: 215.00

Heavy duty stair tool
Stainless steel 15 cm (6") wide stair tool with long handle, grip and 06 spray tip....
Price: 195.00

Curtain Tool
Stainless steel curtain cleaning tool with 15 cm (6") perforated vacuum nozzle and 01 fine spray tip. (Only for use in conjunction with water ...
Price: 175.00

Swivel head stair tool
Innovative stair tool which allows you to clean stairs without turning or twisting your arms and wrists. Long 76 cm (30") handle with swive...
Price: 325.00

Auto Detailer
Durable stainless steel tool specially designed to clean effectively in tight spaces. ...
Price: 120.00

Plastic Detailer
Lower cost version of auto detailer with durable plastic head to monitor recovery (suitable for low heat solution only)....
Price: 105.00

Glidemaster 25 cm (10
Lightweight 'scrub-type' stainless steel wand with insulated handle and trigger, heavy duty valve, quick connect and single spray tip....
Price: 175.00

Glidemaster 30 cm (12
Lightweight 'scrub-type' stainless steel wand with insulated handle and trigger, heavy duty valve, quick connect and single spray tip....
Price: 225.00

Glidemaster 30 cm (12
Professional carpet cleaning wand with insulated handle and trigger, "swan neck" head, metal solution tubing and dual spray tips....
Price: 325.00

S-bend stair wand
New Product
Short 36 handle 2-jet wand for easy cleaning of stair treads. ...
Price: 195.00

Teflon wand glide
Clip-on accessory for Glidemaster 30 cm (12") wands for smooth glide performance over all types of carpet....
Price: 59.50

Hard Floor squeegee / scrub wand
30 cm swivel head, hard surface cleaning wand with 180 degree brush and squeegee action with single jet....
Price: 355.00

Powermate 1200
New Product
Lightweight easy-to-manoeuvre extraction machine powerwand with self-levelling cylindrical 2500 rpm brush, 30 cm (12 inch) vacuum head and 25...
Price: 795.00

Vacuum & solution extension hose assembly 3 m for Comet & Fivestar
A special extension hose to use the AC322 hand / upholstery tool with the Comet & Fivestar for spot cleaning and cleaning of carpet edges and s...
Price: 85.00

Accessory hose assembly 5 m, Polaris
Vacuum & solution hose assembly fitted with adaptor to fit Polaris lid. Required for connecting PM2502 and AC1021 hand tool...
Price: 125.00

25 ft. vacuum & solution extension hose assembly
7.6 m (25 ft) vacuum and solution extension hose assembly fitted with high pressure rated hose. For use with Heat 'n' Run system, male a...
Price: 235.00

Mesh hose bag for AC322 Comet & Fivestar Hand / upholstery tool
A small mesh bag for storage and transportation of AC322 Hand / upholstery tool  for the Comet & Fivestar. Can also be used for AC341 Va...
Price: 17.50

Large mesh hose bag
Lightweight mesh bag, suitable for 4.6 m (15 ft) and 7.6 m (25 ft) hose assembly....
Price: 22.50

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