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Hard Surface & Floor Maintenance Products
Hard Surface & Floor Maintenance Products

Specialist products for smooth resilient flooring, safety floor, stone & tile and floor maintenance including, emulsion polish stripper, acrylic and fluoropolymer seals, dry bright emulsion polish and floor maintainer.

Products In Hard Surface & Floor Maintenance Products (Total Products 10, Showing: 1 -> 10)
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Alkleen 5L
Universal free rinsing alkaline cleaner for floors and all washable surfaces. Can be applied by rotary or scrubber-...
Price: 9.95

Stone & Tile Clean 5L
Formulated mildly acidic detergent stone and tile cleaner for quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and grout. Stoneclean will hel...
Price: 15.95

Ultrapac Renovate 5L
Best Seller
A highly concentrated multi-surface cleaner and pre-spray product for the removal of dry soot, carbon, fire residues, filtration s...
Price: 19.50

Powerclean 5L
Wide range, high strength alkaline cleaner for oils, grease and heavy soiling. Suitable for use in pressure washers, floor scrubber-driers ...
Price: 22.95

Prostrip 5L
Ammonia free floor polish stripper and cleaner for the removal of old metallised emulsion polish. Can be applied with mop or rotary scrubb...
Price: 10.25

Prorinse 5L
Acidic rinsing agent for neutralising alkaline floor polish stripper before applying new emulsion polish. Prevents reaction and pow...
Price: 7.95

Protreat 5L
Neutral pH polyethylene wax-based floor maintainer for damp mopping and spray buffing of vinyl, thermoplastic and stone floors. Produces a ...
Price: 15.50

Proshine 5L
High gloss, metallised emulsion, self-shining polish for vinyl, thermoplastic and sealed floors. Contains high solids polymer for a long la...
Price: 34.50

Proseal 5L
A water-based acrylic seal for vinyl, rubber, asphalt, terrazzo, linoleum and semi-porous floor surfaces. Provides base-coat seal w...
Price: 35.50

Stone Seal 5L
Water-based fluorocarbon oil and water repellent penetrative seal for terracotta, sandstone, concrete, grout, brick and other porous floor...
Price: 38.50

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